Professional Audio Speaker Design and Modern Woodworking Manufacturing

Ideas, Sketches

We can start to discuss the project when our clients have ideas and drawn sketches.

Discussion, Appraisal, Case opening

Need a built-in amplifier, bluetooth/Wifi, optical fiber?
We will discuss more details to ensure that the product meets your needs.

Sample Making, Tuning, Mass Production

After the prototype sample is completed, sound adjustments are needed.
Only after adjustment, it will become the benchmark for mass production.

Create a sophisticated look

Tokugawa specializes in producing high-quality wooden audio products. There are professional designers who can design the appearance of the product for you.
With the close cooperation of the self-owned plant and related industries, whether it is wood CNC processing, bent wood, log, engraving, etc., various woodworking processes or metal processing are possible processing options. From the early design, mid-term proofing, to later mass production, we can integrate services for you.

Multiple functions

Audio speaker needs to be able to integrate electronic equipment to complete its functions.
Tokugawa has core members from world-renowned IC design companies.
Audio equipment such as Bluetooth/wifi/air play, amplifier, DAC, CDT, Internet radio, FM, etc., we have the ability to design and manufacture.
Just put forward your needs and let us complete it for you.

Sound quality is well-recognized

The products developed by Tokugawa have continuously won annual awards in the audio industry, which is the industry's affirmation of our efforts.
The biggest difference from the general foundry is that we are audio fans. Tokugawa has worked hard on speaker design and tuning for a long time.
We have rich experience in measuring monomer parameters, designing cabinets, purchasing wood, making samples and mass production. So we know how to tune and how to make the audio equipment you want.

Perfect after-sales service

Hi End audio equipment has a long service life, and proper after-sales service is necessary to reassure users.
We have maintenance engineers who can conduct after-sales maintenance services. Therefore, you can focus on developing customers to create maximum benefits, and no longer have to deal with follow-up maintenance issues.

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